351073 Interview

351073 Interview

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Name: 35 ten 73
Hometown: Cape Town
Favourite colour: Grey

What was your inspiration or the idea behind your Verb design?

I tried to express the excitement of what skateboarding on the streets must feel like.

Could you briefly explain the process you went through in creating this work?

I penciled a rough idea of composition and characters, from which I drew the final pen drawing, on an A3 page. I did the coloring digitally. My poster design is an extension of my skateboard design.

What music were you listening to while you were creating your graphics for the Verb range?

I went through all the Bryan Jonestown Massacre albums.

Did you have any formal art education, or are you self-taught?

Yes I went to an art school, where we covered all the basics and I studied fashion design. Although a lot of it is self-taught and trial and error.

What sort of full-time work do you do currently? Are there any other projects you’re involved with at the moment?

I work for Love and Hate studio and we’re always busy with something. At the moment, working on a product range and also keeping busy with illustration and exhibition work.

What sorts of mediums do you work in and what do you enjoy about it?

I like to explore new and different mediums all the time. I really enjoy working on actual paper and canvas and walls, compared to computer work that can drag out forever. I would like to get back into graphic printing and also learn to do 2D animation.

Do you do anything else for fun other than making art?

I like watching sunsets and live bands, reading books and faces, talking with friends and animals, listening to music and our studio window clatter, treasure hunting and playing pool!

Who are some of the artist’s whose work you enjoy or take inspiration from?

I enjoy everybody’s art, even “bad” art comes from a good place. I like to take inspiration from my surroundings and life in general. Other artists inspire me through passion, innovative ideas and working hard.

How do you feel about being an artist living and working in South Africa?


What was your favorite project this year and why?


What are you looking forward to in 2011, any projects or goals in the pipeline?

You’ll have to wait and see!

Do you have any websites or blogs that people interested in your work should check out?


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