Alice Edy Everything's For Sale Exhibition

Alice Edy Everything’s For Sale Exhibition

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Alice Edy’s Everything’s For Sale exhibition opened on 3 November 2009 at Arts on Main in Joburg. We shot over six questions to Alice to talk about the exhibition opening, the work and future plans…

What was your favourite part of the process in preparing for the exhibition?

I get to draw pictures and make things. It’s rad.

Do you have a particular piece of work that became your favourite while putting together the show? Any particular reason why?

I really enjoyed making the “Ghost Monument” piece… a group of us went into town with a projector and generator. I’d made stencils that we projected onto buildings. Gav Scott and JP Du Preez came to shoot photos. It was magic.

What was the most challenging part of putting it all together?

You’d think that the “art” is the drawing/conceptualization… but after that, lots of hours (and money) go into practical things, like professional presentation and framing/mounting (and that stuff’s no fun).

What was it like working with Verb on this project?

The best. None of those projects would have materialised if Clay wasn’t there for our midnight illegal art missions. We had a lot of fun making shit together, but it’s also stressful in the sense that you have to look out for the cops AND the robbers. Haha. Verb then came to the party and sponsored the CCTV/balloon work and the trusty KFD-punch. I had no idea how much work goes into something like this – having support was totally vital.

How was the exhibition opening experience for you?

It was the first exhibition that I’ve ever had and it took months and months of planning, and working, and organising, and phoning and calling in favours (you know who you are – Nix and Ryan). We nailed the last picture up about 20 seconds before the first people arrived, but after that it was all worthwhile. It’s weird, you work so hard to make these images, and finally you can have a glass of wine and relax, and they’re doing the work for you. So many people pulled through, it was a really awesome evening.

Now that the exhibition has launched, what sorts of projects do you have lined up for the future?

Excited to keep on working, (drawing and writing) got really positive feedback, and I’m stoked to do more work. It’d be cool to start collaborating with people. I’m leaving for London Town at some point next Feb as well, for a year… so we’ll see.






Everything is For Sale is an artist-collaboration with Verb – celebrating street-art, underground-culture and urban activism. Verb believes in supporting creativity and promoting social consciousness, as a result of our being more aware of the space that we live in and how we can positively contribute to it.

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