Fokofpolisiekar Interview

Fokofpolisiekar Interview

May 2, 2012 8:50 am Published by

We hit up Francois van Coke to talk about the Fokofpolisiekar x Verb colab Music Saved My Life series …

Did any of you skate as a kid? If so, who were some of your favourite skateboarders and skate companies?

Ja, I used to skate as a kid. I think I was into Powell Paralta and all their imagery. I just loved that stuff. Andrew Reynolds, Tony Hawk and Errol Bong.

Did you ever think that you would have your own skateboard graphic? What do you think about the whole Music Saved My Life Project and how the artwork came out?

No, never thought I would have my band’s name on a skateboard. I think it is a great initiative and great that a charity can also benefit from it. We love Louis Minnaar’s work and are very stoked that we could collaborate with him on this project.

Who are some of your favourite local artists that you have worked with on posters, album covers or videos?

Louis Minnaar, Merwe Marchand Le Roux, Wernich Kay, Matt Edwards, Ruan Vermeulen. We have had the the privilege to work with great artist for album covers and posters in the last ten years. All of these dudes are great. We have also worked with great directors in the past. Johan Nel did all the first FOKOF videos. Sean Metlerkamp did the Antibiotika video and VCK’s Voor Ons Stof Word, two of my favourites of all time. We also worked with Louis Minnaar on a couple of VCK videos and lately we have worked with a production company called Chasing Migada with Quintin Lavery as director.