Bruce Mackay

Bruce Mackay

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Verb Bruce Mackay Artist Series

Bruce Mackay’s deck graphic for the Verb Artist Series range.

It’s a cross between a Biblical resurrection and a flipping bad-ass zombie skeleton ghost.

Bruce Mackay is a freelance artist, illustrator, typographer, and graphic designer based in Cape Town, South Africa.

Bruce Mackay is a Cape Town based visual artist. After graduating with a Diploma in Visual Communications at AAA School of Advertising Cape Town in 2008 he began working as a motion graphics designer for television and a part-time illustrator in 2009. In early 2010 he moved to become a full-time freelance illustrator and designer and to spend more time focussing on his artwork.

Using highly detailed pen and ink drawings on paper, his work is inspired by hypochondria, vices, resurrections, X-ray vision, science fiction, patterns found in nature, old things he finds in his father’s garage, loose teeth, nostalgia, contagious diseases, microscopic organisms, invisible spirits, snakes, horses and drowning.Handsome Things

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