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Punk Rock Reggae Misfits from Gauteng, South Africa.

We are not looking for a title or genre to fit neatly into, but what the hell, here goes it. Our style is DIY-post-steetpunk-swingabilly-death-skank-partycore, cause that sounds crazy mad! It is also always cool to have the words “post”, “-abilly” and “core” in your genre description. Especially with the scene geeks! The band started out in a little ol’ bar in an attempt to play music for people. We were schooled in a strong independent scene with bands and friends such as Leek & The Bouncing Uptones, Crossing Point, Hog Hoggidy Hog & The Vendetta Cartel. Most of the bands from this early scene can be found on the CD “Family Business” released through Revolution. We drank & smoked in parking lots, skated lonely city streets and ran around in mad circles on the dance floors. Good times. We play punk. We play ska. We throw in swing, reggae, soul & rock n’ roll. We throw in South Africa. We play music for the people. We believe in the D.I.Y Ethic. We started our own record label Red Ambulance, and released all our own albums independently. Music has the power and ability to activate & spread free thought, educate & influence awareness of our surroundings and ourselves. Music can make us question everything. We want to help people find there own voices. We hope to give them strength to fulfill there own creative ambitions and the realisation that through some hard work & simple organising, positivity can spread into your local communities and make better lives for everyone. Let’s start today. This is the punk we believe in. Uplift yourselves and that means thinking out of the mainstream. There is the mainstream, and then there are other streams. The mainstream is dumbed down reduction of the true potential of yourself and if you let it, it will control you. It is someone else telling you what is good for you, for there own benefit. Come paddle with us up a different stream (we got cold beers & sweet tunes). Oi Oi Oi.

The Verb x Fuzigish deck is part of Verb’s Music Saved My Life Series. The graphic was designed by Marchand.

Verb Fuzigish by Merchand Le Roux

Fuzigish’s Website

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