Jade Klara

Jade Klara

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Verb Jade Klara Artist Series

Jade Klara’s deck graphic for the Verb Artist Series range.

When I thought of lost & found I thought of ancient treasure, of heaps of gold and rubies hiding in an undiscovered cave. I was then really intrigued by a genie’s lamp, but instead of a typical genie I wanted something more animalistic, so the wolf genie was born. I kept the scene quite dark and ghostly and then used metallic gold as a reference to lost treasure and magic.

Jade Klara is an illustrator and artist based in Cape Town, South Africa.

Jade Klara graduated with a B.A from UCT (2003) and a B.A from Vega (2007). Her work is characterised by a strong and feminine style as she plays with whimsical imagery and narrative. Jade Klara currently works from her studio in Woodstock.

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