Justin Southey

Justin Southey

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Verb Justin Southey Artist Series

Justin Southey’s deck graphic for the Verb Artist Series range.

I happened to be overseas when I was asked to design a board, so it felt right to make a board about ocean adventures, the discovering of new lands and strange creatures, and of course the illusive search for hidden treasure.

Justin Southey is a freelance illustrator, artist and designer based in Cape Town, South Africa.

Justin Southey was born 1985. He studied at Stellenbosch Academy of Graphic design and Photography (2005-2007) where he graduated cum laude with a degree in applied design. After majoring in photography in his final year Justin turned his interest to image making of a different kind. Justin is currently living in Cape Town and working as an illustrator and designer as well as creating artwork for exhibition purposes. Justin is a multi disciplinary artist who’s work covers many different mediums and stylistic variations. He has taken part in many exhibitions, both locally and abroad.

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