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Butan x Kronk x Verb decks

Kronk’s deck graphics for the Verb x Butan Collaboration.

Verb Kronk Artist SeriesVerb Kronk Artist Series

Kronk’s graphics for the Verb Artist Series range.

Throw-away culture, Retro Sci-fi robotics and totem poles. The idea is that we praise trash and the evils that follow, like drunkenness, piracy, fighting and fashionable, yet ridiculous excess. The idea was to provoke thought about modern society’s obsession with newness whilst defacing tradition and praising stupidity, who are the Kardashians anyway?

Kronk is an illustrator, graphic designer and character designer based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Hi there, my name is Kronk. I live to have adventures of creativity and I am ├╝ber-passionate about my craft. Besides world domination, I also enjoy lengthy and snug sleeps, birds, biltong, rainbow colors, helping my friends, pints of lager, projectile weapons and a good laugh. I make graphic art, vinyl toys, and trouble.

Kronk’s Website

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