Marcus Maschwitz

Marcus Maschwitz

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Verb Photographer Tribute Series Marcus Maschwitz

Marcus Maschwitz’ deck graphic for the Verb Photographer Tribute Series range, An exclusive collaboration between Verb and some of South Africa’s most illustrious counterculture photographers, who individually, have tirelessly documented the personalities, and the life and times of skateboarding, music and art.

Verb Photographer Tribute Series

Marcus Maschwitz is a South African photographer based in London, UK.

I am currently living in London (United Kingdom) and I specialise in Music and Band Photography including live music photography, portrait photography as well as album photography that can be used for artwork as well as marketing.

I have no philosophy about photography. Like writing or breathing air, I just started doing it. And somehow it all seems to work. I love it and have a passion for everything and everyone that I have the privilege of photographing.

Basically, to sum it all up, my goal is to capture as well as to create as best I can, enabling me to share my experiences and what I see with others. All this, because my love and passion for photography and the world around me is so great and what I live for.

Marcus’ Website

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