Theory One Interview

Theory One Interview

June 1, 2011 7:45 pm Published by

Name: Dylan / Theory One
Hometown: Cape Town
Favourite colour: Black

What was your inspiration or the idea behind your Verb design?

I did a sketch a little while ago at work, which I quite liked. I developed it further at home on my light box and voila! You can read a lot of things into it if you want. It’s a basic message of rescue and salvation.

Could you briefly explain the process you went through in creating this work?

I draw the piece on paper and made sure I like it. It was quite rough so I filled in a lot as I went. I take that drawing into Illustrator and work over it and develop it until I think it’s done (it’s never done in my mind but i have to stop sometime.)

What music were you listening to while you were creating your graphics for the Verb range?

Jazz, soul and funk. Lots of Motown, Miles Davis, Coltrane, Nina Simone etc.

Did you have any formal art education, or are you self-taught?

I did art at school and at Frank Joubert art school and I went to AAA.

What sort of full-time work do you do currently? Are there any other projects you’re involved with at the moment?

I’m a freelance graphic designer at the moment. I do illustration in my spare time as a passion project.

What sorts of mediums do you work in and what do you enjoy about it?

I also work in pen and ink, but mostly Illustrator and Photoshop.

Do you do anything else for fun other than making art?

I collect art, hang out with my wife and kids and try to get away from the computer. I like to ride my bicycle and skate to the DVD shop.

Who are some of the artist’s whose work you enjoy or take inspiration from?

Too many to mention. It changes weekly to be honest. I try not to focus on one artist too much, I just like to try and appreciate as much good art as I can. So it ranges from graf writers to fine artists. Those artists I really love to try to collect.

How do you feel about being an artist living and working in South African?

I feel great. The playing fields have been levelled by the Internet and I think a lot of our work is world class. I think we have a unique headspace down here and have a lot to offer the world of illustration.

Do you have any plans for 2011 such as art shows, travels or new styles to explore?

I’m not sure to be honest. I have two small daughters so I try to spend my time with them and that means less time for drawing and illustration, but it’s a swop I’m only too happy to make. I’ll see how the year progresses and take it form there, I don’t have plans to rule the world but I would like to get my work to a wider audience.

Do you have any websites or blogs that people interested in your work should check out?

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