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Byron Rhoda

Byron Rhoda

Simon Stipcich

Simon Stipcich

Byron Rhoda Top Left & This Photo: Andrew van der Walt. Top Right: Andrea Visser.

Name: Byron Rhoda.
DOB: 1993.
Stance: Goofy.
Sponsors: Revolution, Verb, Fallen, and Duper Hardware.
Favourite spot: Any street or hardcore spot.
Favourite skater: Tommy Sandoval.
Music: Hip Hop, Classic Rock... Almost anything that’s music to my ears, but mainly Hip Hop.
Hobbies: Just chilling with the homies mostly. Other than that, just playing X Box and gaming.
Favourite food: Has to be anything from Cattle Barron; some good steak on my menu.

Simon Stipcich Top Left & This Photo: Tyrone Bradley

Name: Simon Stipcich
DOB: The ’80s.
Stance: Regular.
Sponsors: Verb, Revolution
Hobbies: Part-time Saari salesman
Favourite food: Pizza / burgers

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