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Cartoon Network News Release Verb Adventure Time

Let Cartoon Network take you on another exhilarating adventure with brand new episodes of Adventure Time!

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An awesome CN party for your friends, Adventure Time Verb skateboards and prizes up for grabs.

Cartoon Network has announced that brand new episodes of the 5th season of pop culture sensation, Adventure Time – which follows two unlikely heroes in Finn, a quirky kid with an awesome hat and Jake, a friendly dog with a big heart – will be on South African television screens soon.

South Africans will be able to join the world’s most beloved human and dog pals, who are up for some more truly mathematical adventures across the Land of Ooo. Finn and Jake will be commencing their new adventures from Monday 15 September 2014 until Friday 31 October 2014. The show will air every Monday to Friday at 16h35 with repeats on weekends at 08h20 and 12h05 on Cartoon Network, DStv channel 301.

These two buddies, Finn and Jake, traverse the mystical Land of Ooo and encounter its colourful inhabitants. From the mind of creator Pendleton Ward (Cartoon Network Studios, LA), Ooo is a land built for adventure. Teeming with imposing mountains, lush green plains, vibrant forests, endless prairies and winding rivers, the cities and towns are filled with bizarre characters in need of unique assistance. Whether it’s saving Princess Bubblegum, defeating zombie candy, mocking the “oxy-moronic” Ice King or skateboarding with BMO, for Finn & Jake it’s always Adventure Time.

“The strength of the Emmy Award winning Adventure Time franchise has always been our unwavering commitment to investing in engaging content that grows with our consumers. Adventure Time with its visuals, characters and engaging storylines marks another exciting chapter in the shows evolution and continuing success”, said Pierre Branco, Vice President Southern Europe and Africa for Turner Broadcasting System.

To kick-start the excitement before the launch date, Cartoon Network – in partnership with Verb and DStv – hosted an amazing Adventure Time party at the Johannesburg Zoo on Saturday 23 August 2014. To win a ticket to this fantastic event, fans had to enter a competition through the DStv website and lucky winners got a chance to experience the new season for the first time. There was also a special opportunity for kids to interact with a giant BMO and hidden cameras captured their gleeful faces.

All interactions with BMO built up a special party meter which set off streamers and balloons in true party style as soon as it reached the “It’s Party Time” level. Guests received a bunch of treats, merchandise and a photo with their favourite character before the party was over. Cartoon Network also hosted 40 kids from Reach for a Dream Foundation and fulfilled a special dream for one of the children who wanted to meet some of his favourite Cartoon Network characters. This brought smiles to all their little faces and they enjoyed having fun on their own exhilarating adventures.

For all of those fans who could not attend the Adventure Time party, the adventure is not over yet. All they need to do is visit the Adventure Time “It’s Party Time” microsite at from 23 August 2014 where they can play the specially created Adventure Time game and fill in a competition form to stand a chance to win an exclusive party for themselves and their friends, including a viewing of one of the new episodes with Finn “in person”. Second prize will be a limited edition of Adventure Time skateboards designed by Verb available in-store from October, and third prize is a Cartoon Network goodie bag with great Adventure Time merchandise.

The show has already had great success both on TV and online with over 17 million Facebook fans, and in Q1 of 2014 the show was watched by an enormous 132 million kids globally. Adventure Time is also very active when it comes to gaming, with four new web games and six new applications launching during 2014. One of these applications is the newest collaboration between Cartoon Network and TwinSky Games, Time Travel which features original voiceovers from Finn and Jake now available on iOs, Android and Amazon.

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Verb x Adventure Time Bro-Down

Verb x Adventure Time Bro-down

Now exclusively available for pre-order from Revolution Online!

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‘Finn’ deck – available in 7.75″ and 7.875″.

‘Jake’ deck – available in 8.125″.

‘Beemo’ deck – available in 7.75″.

‘Brodown’ deck – available in 8.125″ and 8.25″.

‘Whirl’ deck – available in 7.75″ and 7.825″.

‘DIY’ deck – available 7.875″.

The decks are limited, so pre-order yours now! They will arrive in November.

Read the official Cartoon Network Verb x Adventure Time press release HERE.

Verb x Adventure Time Launch at JHB Zoo

Verb x Adventure Time Launch at JHB Zoo

Cartoon Network hosted an Adventure Time party at the Johannesburg Zoo on Saturday 23 August 2014. The party coincided with the launch of the Verb x Adventure Time Bro-Down, which features collaboration decks and apparel. Dwayne Erasmus attended the event and managed to snap some shots of what went down. 40 kids from Reach for a Dream Foundation attended too, and we got them to colour in a big poster celebrating the launch.

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You can pre-order the boards from Revolution Online HERE.

You can read the full press release HERE.

Verb x Adventure Time Launch at JHB Zoo

Verb x Adventure Time Launch at JHB Zoo

Verb x Adventure Time Launch at JHB Zoo

Verb x Adventure Time Launch at JHB Zoo

Verb x Adventure Time Launch at JHB Zoo

Verb x Adventure Time Launch at JHB Zoo

Verb x Adventure Time Launch at JHB Zoo

Verb x Adventure Time Launch at JHB Zoo

More Verb x Adventure Time Products Available for Pre-Order

Verb x Adventure Time Bro Down Skateboards

We’ve just added the Verb x Adventure Time completes to Revolution Online for pre-order. They come assembled and ready to ride. Click the image above, or the link below, to check them out on Revolution Online.

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Now exclusively available for pre-order from Revolution Online!

The boards are limited, so pre-order yours now! They will arrive in November.

Read the official Cartoon Network Verb x Adventure Time press release HERE.

Byron Rhoda at Mill Street Skatepark

Byron Rhoda put up this short clip of himself shredding at the Mill Street Skatepark in Cape Town.

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Byron rides for Revolution, Verb Skateboards and Fallen Footwear.

NinjaBreadBoy Interview


Who are you? What do you do? What is life? What is behind the name Ninjabreadboy?

I am an illustrator and aspiring artist based in Cape Town. I currently work as a freelance illustrator but did work in the advertising world for a while and decided to go freelance at the beginning of last year for obvious reasons. I don’t use any preferred mediums for the stuff that I do, I really just enjoy trying to make cool shit with whatever is available or required on certain projects. I’m all about putting my work onto whatever I can. The name is just a personal joke; I’ve always wanted to work under an alias, and it just stuck and felt right so I just went with it.

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What first got you interested in art?

I’ve always been interested in art; since I learnt how to write my name as a child. I started skating when I was very young and all the visual aspects of skateboarding were the things I really found interesting; tattoos, board graphics, graffiti, clothing, were all things I really liked looking at in skate mags. When I was 13 I remember reading an article in Blunt magazine on graffiti and there was one pic in particular that really caught my eye. It was of Wealz 130 standing on a bridge with his hands in the air, above a piece he had painted. I cut that pic out and stuck it on the wall next to my bed and remember thinking “I want to do that one day.

Mind mentioning some of your favourite projects that you’ve worked on, and why?

Last year I got to tick some things of my list that I’ve wanted to do for a while now. I did a small range collab with 2BOP that I really enjoyed doing. We did a 5 panel, tee, and bandana together and the response to it was really really good. Also I’ve been wanting to do a skateboard graphic since I started skating and I was super happy with how the board graphic came out that I did with Verb at the end of last year.

Ninjabreadboy x Verb

Where do you draw inspiration from?

I’m very inspired by Cape Town and my surroundings; the people, cultures, sub-cultures, and everything that goes along with it. I’ve also always been inspired by letterforms and various artforms that deal with letters. I’m always trying to find inspiration in different ways to keep my work fresh for myself. Lately I’ve really enjoyed looking at signage. Anything from old American funeral signage to more modern African street signage has all been really appealing to me lately.

You also delve into some other creative avenues e.g. tattooing and graffiti. What else do you get up to when you aren’t drawing?

When I’m not making something I’m normally skating. Lately I’ve also really enjoyed getting back into surfing, on weekends I try get to the beach as much as possible. I used to surf a lot in high school and only recently realized again how important it is for me. Skating and surfing are some of the only things that really help me to clear my mind.

Best and worst things about living in Cape Town?

I can’t think of any bad things to be honest. Maybe the City Council, and some ridiculous bylaws that have been implemented, that’s the only shit thing about Cape Town. And there are too many good things to mention. I really have mad love for this city.

NinjabreadboyFor iJusi #28

Got any exciting future projects you can talk about?

I’m busy with some really nice projects at the moment, one of which is some signage for a local photographer that I’m really enjoying. Also been working on some illustrated label designs. Also have some exhibitions that I’ve been producing some work for. Other than that there’s a few other things in the pipeline.

Your work is often quite dark in the way it references violence or substance abuse. A lot of it seems very Cape Town inspired. What draws you to that subject matter? Are you attempting to offer a commentary on certain things?

I’ve always been interested in quite dark subject matter. I don’t know why, it’s just kind of always been that way. I really enjoy making images that have a sense of humour but at the same time have a darker twist to them. I think this is a good way of getting people to think about what they looking at. Like I said, I’m very influenced by my surroundings and feel that there is so much interesting stuff going on around me that I don’t like looking too much at what illustrators or artist are imitating or representing outside of South Africa when there is so much cool shit here that has potential to become great subject matter. I think the stuff I draw is a mash up of what I see and experience in my surroundings, and because I’ve always been attracted to the “darker” things, those are the things that catch my attention in my surroundings.

Is there life after death?

I honestly don’t know, and to my knowledge no one on earth knows, and probably will never know, so no stress.

NinjabreadboyHomeward Bound Exhibition

NinjabreadboyKarate Water / Ink on 300gsm watercolour Fabriano

NinjabreadboyMa Slaan Vir Pa Wyn / Ink on 300gsm watercolour Fabriano

Ninjabreadboy x 2BopNinjabreadboy x 2Bop


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